Deposit online the safe way

Many games sites are accepting real money on their online entity. These could be card games, MMORPGs, casinos, poker sites, fantasy sports sites and so on. One question rises all the time when thinking of taking out your wallet: ‘can I trust the guys?’. And especially in the digital world this topic is huge.

So many people get ripped off on a daily basis. But if you follow a few simple rules you will be on the safe side.

These topics you should have in mind and act accordingly:

  • Only use trusted payment methods:
    • MasterCard, VISA, American Express and other credit card companies which are on the market since ages
    • is trusted as well – with them you can send your wire transfer using your bank security number / TAN (transaction number sent via cell phone or app)
    • stripe is a payment processor for credit cards which is acting a bit like the player agains PayPal – they are trustworthy as well
    • usual wire transfers with your online banking
    • PayPal is highly trusted and you can use PayPal for a variety of payment methods even if you don’t have a PayPal account: Debit, credit card and sometimes even invoice
  • Avoid payment methods which are anonymously in the end. They are not non-trustworthy but you can get into trouble when an error occurs regarding the proof of your payment:
    • Neteller
    • ucash
    • Bitcoin wallets if handled incorrectly (Bitcoin / BTC is generally very safe; sometimes Bitcoin marketplaces get hacked, but that’s another story and happens very seldom)
  • Only pay at merchants and systems which allow SSL-encryption. Otherwise your payment data can be spoofed and read by other persons which might carry¬†criminal energy.
  • Only pay at merchants with an official license. This could be Cysec or Bafin for brokers, any gambling licenses, sports betting licenses, poker licenses, etc. If the official license is not appearing: stay. away. 100%
  • Live-Support should be available. This is a sign of trust, reliability and that there are real people to get a hold of. Not only in case of emergency but also in general to have a human being on the other side of your money transaction.
  • Regarding (Bitcoin / BTC) casinos you should only use the ones which are Provably fair

Another story is connected to Forex deposits where you want to deposit relatively high amounts into your personal trading account:

  • Don’t ever transfer any money to a forex broker which is not regulated and controlled by an official entity. They can literally take your money and hide. Please, only trade with reliable and well known brands in this industry.
  • If you have doubts you can transfer a smaller amount and trade with that one before you transfer your initially desired amount. This way you can test the broker’s trustworthiness.
  • Read and understand the forex broker’s terms and conditions regarding deposits. Some brokers charge huge amounts for sending money, others charge a lot for pulling money out of a trader’s account. Don’t let these fees eat up your profits!